Infatuation for Beauty, Culture, and Fashion, while always remaining Spiritual at heart, is 100% Me all the way! As I educate myself about the vegan beauty industry, I definitely wanted to share the skin wealth, meaning my journey with everyone.

I never been the one to wear a full face of makeup, especially on a daily basis. Having sensitive skin, definitely placed limitations on skincare and cosmetics products I could use. I guess you could say I’m a plane Jane with a bold lip, because I can’t live with out my lipstick! Hehe ;-)

It wasn't until my late 20's when I became obsessed with what I was putting in, out, and on my body. Searching for organic and authentic solutions has been a difficult journey for me, especially when your uneducated about how your everyday essentials are made, in addition to what ingredients are incorporated in the products we purchase. And face it, as we grow older, our taste in beauty, fashion, food, body care, and other perspectives on life change over time, even our physical appearance! Look at it like this, what used to work for us, may not exactly work for us now or in the future.

So here's what I’ve learned on my Beauty Journey thus far:

1. Beauty is self-expression. Not everyone is going to have the same rituals. preferences, or specific needs.

2. Ingredients should be closely examined to treat our problem areas for the best results and of course made with love & respect for our planet.

3. It’s engrained in our society to place labels on absolutely everything; age, ethnicity, gender, etc. We have to get to a place where we see each other as equal beings on this planet. 

As a result, Devine Ivy is my interpretation of what "Beauty Without Boundaries" looks like. Devine Ivy products are made to empower the individual to invest in their image without harsh ingredients or rules. Seeing how I’m in between Feminine and Masculine aesthetics, I want Devine Ivy to be a safe place for Everyone! Everything that is sold at Devine Ivy is a reflection of myself, things that I love, and how I choose to spoil my Skin. 

Remember, Beauty and Art is interpreted by the individual, and it should be done effortlessly by your own standards, on your own terms, and most importantly on your own time! Peace, Love, and Blessing unto You!. 

💜💜 XOXO Coco Dior 💜💜

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Free to Love, Guarded Heart, or Currently Self-Aware?

Free to Love, Guarded Heart, or Currently Self-Aware?

A Devine Guide To Your Daily Or Sometimes Skincare Routine

A Devine Guide To Your Daily Or Sometimes Skincare Routine


June Orr November 18 2020

received my skin products and have to say I love it so much! My face is glowing and the scrub is working great on the dark spots that I have on my face, The Tea Tree oil is a lifer for me! I will be a customer for life!

Rachelle “Nikki” DeWees November 18 2020

Briget, I’m so proud of the Lady you have become. I watched you grow from a little girl to a beautiful, free spirited and God fearing Lady. I’m so happy for you. I will will support you to the fullest. With that being said. I will place my order. I pray that God will prosper your company and flourish it with Gods blessing. Keep up the good work…Aunty Nikki

June Orr September 27 2020

As your mother I’m so proud of you! I taught you and your sister to go for your dream, let no one or nothing stop you. As long as you keep God 1st in your life you can do anything and all things are possible if you believe! This is a product of your faith and belief of what God can do. Love you and proud of you! Mom

Leon richardson July 7 2020

The website looking good. I’m proud of you Bridget. You already know I’m buy somethings on here for Nailah and I also want the African pendant chain. I love you sis keep pushing forward with your dreams.

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